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TxDOT's Oak Hill Parkway Project 2022+ 

Construction on The Oak Hill Parkway Project has begun and will dramatically change and affect our current front entrance at El Rey Blvd and 290 West.  Besides the multi-year construction effort and its associated activity and detours, what we now take for granted and are accustomed to when we are leaving or entering Granada Hills will disappear, if it hasn't already.  


The stone entrance sign, walls, large Live Oak trees, and landscaping that graced our main entrance have been demolished and removed.  A multilane frontage road will replace a section of Candelaria Drive and for 9 or so homeowners, the frontage road will be at their back fence.

It is because of these looming changes and an interest in preserving what we can, the HOA has been working with TxDOT since 2019 discussing ways and options for what the "New Front Entrance" will look like.   The HOA has conducted a tree study, created a good relationship with our District Engineer, and has developed a plan of what we hope the front entrance can look like within the finalized TxDOT design.  The HOA also maintains regular contact with Colorado River Contractors (CRC) staff, the primary design-build contractor on this project, and receives timely updates from them.


Below are draft examples of how the front entrance will change using TXDOT maps and a satellite view.   It shows the new lanes superimposed onto the present-day intersection.  The middle two lanes (main highway) will be below grade but the frontage roads will be at today's gradient.   You can also visit the website dedicated to the project by clicking HERE.  Please contact the board if you have detailed questions.

A special "Parkway Overview" presentation just for Granada Hills residents was prepared by CRC and TxDOT and can be viewed by clicking on this:

And on June 6, 2022 OHP Staff hosted a meeting for Granada Hills residents to answer current questions and provide a summary of the soon to be installed "Pugmill" and Wet Concrete Batch Plant, both of which will be near our neighborhood.  View the presentation here:  June 2022 Meeting


Existing intersection


Proposed Parkway

290W@El Rey 1.png

Proposed Parkway

OHP-El_Rey-Zoom copy_V2.jpg

El Rey - zoom

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