The Homeowners Association (HOA) for Granada Hills is a voluntary membership organization. The primary goal of the HOA is to enhance the Granada Hills, Oaks, and Estates neighborhoods through community involvement, improvement projects, and basic maintenance.  All households within the Granada Hills neighborhood share the responsibility for the care of this distinct and beautiful neighborhood.
Each household in the Granada Hills, Estates, and Oaks neighborhoods are requested to pay $120 in dues per year in order to maintain and service the community’s common grounds and amenities, including the park, playgrounds, tennis courts, electricity, water, and entrance areas, as well as facilitate a number of neighborhood activities and gatherings throughout the year.

If you have not yet joined the HOA, please join!  Download, print, then drop off your completed form and payment at the HOA mailbox at 8100 El Dorado (near El Rey Blvd), or pay online with PayPal using the link.



Your Neighbors thank you!
To join and pay your dues by check, download and follow the direction on this form…
Granada Hills HOA Membership Form

Thank you again for your support.