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                  Wildfire Risk in Granada Hills

In April 2011, months before the terrible Bastrop Complex and Steiner Ranch Fires, a small brushfire in Oak Hill got out of control and grew into a larger blaze, burning 8 homes, damaging 10 more, and forcing hundreds to evacuate.  

The majority of homes that burn down during wildfires do so because of wind carried firebrands and embers that land in landscaping, leaf filled gutters and roof valleys, and are sucked into unscreened soffit and gable vents.  On that April day in 2011, if winds had been different, homes in Granada Hills could of been at risk.  

Due to the very wildland urban interface (WUI) and potential wildfire damage indexes our neighborhood has (images to the right),

Granada HOA is providing homeowners with as much information as it can to help them make necessary changes and improvements in and around their home and property.  Print out the below inspection form and spend an hour walking around your home.  Or, if you would like a home ignition zone (HIZ) inspection, please email the HOA to register.

Helpful Checklists and websites:

HIZ Inspection Form

How to Prepare Your Home

FireWise Website

wildfire ignition density.png

Wildfire Ignition Density - likelihood of a wildfire starting based on historical ignition patterns - RED is the highest level.


Wildland Urban Interface - potential impact rating on people and homes.  Red colors indicate severe impacts.


Photos from the April 2011 fire in Scenic Brook, across 290W from Granada Hills

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