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Covid-19 and Common Areas

The County's Order (2020-5) restricts gatherings of any size.  To comply with this order, the HOA has posted notices at playscapes, the pool, and basketball court reminding residents of the new rules. Individuals are allowed to excercise throughout the park, walk their dog, etc.  
Read the County Order HERE.
Report it!

We can all do our part to keep Granada Hills safe...

Blocked or damaged street signs, overgrown right-of-ways, etc email:

Stray Dogs- call Animal Control at 311 or file a report by clicking:  REPORT

If you observe an AISD bus exceeding the speed limit, record the Bus # and locations and then call (512) 414-0238.

For information on how to better protect your home from wildfires please click on the "Firewise" tab above and also visit:

Texas Forest Service - Protect Your Home

HOA Board Meeting, 4/20/20 7pm
Contact the board if you have a concern and would like to attend.
HOA Membership Drive
If you have not already joined, please pay your 2020 dues.  
April bulk collection will again be provided for paid members so you'll want to make sure to pay by April 15th to reserve a spot in addition to having access to the HOA's home chemical collection services.



Picnic at the Park